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What if the only way to view your parents wedding photos was on a floppy disc? USB drives are nice for now, but who knows when they will go the way of the floppy disc. Print today's moments so you can enjoy the memories for years and generations to come. It has been said that in "50 years, the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures." Don't let that be you. Ask about prints.

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Friday, September 30, 2011


Because I know you have a lot of choices, I consider it an honor to spend time with you. As I look back on all the pictures we have taken as a family, I don't regret a single one!Even my husband, who loves to grumble when having his picture taken, loves to look back on old memories. Especially now that our babies are not quite babies anymore. You think you'll remember their chubby little thighs and their crooked grins, but sadly memories fade. Pictures are the most wonderful tool to freeze your most precious moments in time. So bring me your family. Bring me your high school senior before they grow up and move away. Let's take a little time to preserve the sweet moments of today.

You can email me at: Use title of "Photo Request"
or find me on Facebook and send a message to me at Amy Carrillo Davis.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Own Little Superhero

My sweet little boy had a birthday recently. It may become quite obvious from these pictures, but he is in serious superhero mode. He is surrounding by sisters so I am glad he has been able to carve out a world all his own. Do you remember when your imagination worked this well?

Notice the "Spiderman" hands . . . he is shooting webs as he jumps:)