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What if the only way to view your parents wedding photos was on a floppy disc? USB drives are nice for now, but who knows when they will go the way of the floppy disc. Print today's moments so you can enjoy the memories for years and generations to come. It has been said that in "50 years, the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures." Don't let that be you. Ask about prints.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ella- Newborn Photography

Ella is the sweetest little baby! She belongs to one of my really good friends and it was so fun to take these pictures of her. I think it took close to four hours to get these shots. In between each pose she would have to nurse because she didn't like being moved around so much. Once she was full, she would settle right down and we would continue on.

Tristen- Boy Senior Photography

Tristen is such a good kid. This was such a fun shoot with him!

Dance Headshots

I was able to help out a friend last month by taking pictures of these cute little girls. These little beauties missed the first picture day and this was the make up session. Aren't they precious!

Austin and Halle

You know I hate shooting weddings. The idea is nice, but the stress is insurmountable! But when one of my besties asked if I would pretty please take the pictures at her brother's backyard wedding, I could hardly say no! And luckily, Ashley, My trustee second was happy to come along for the ride!

I can't tell you what a sweet couple these too kids people are! Autin and Halle were so sweet together. They told me they didn't want a lot of pictures of themselves together and posing because they "hate taking pictures." What we got instead was a lot of real moments. Laughter, tears, tender embraces... I can"t tell you how many times I got teary!

Here are just a few shots from the wedding. I really am glad that I was able to be a part of this event! Austin and Halle are great people who come from great families! I wish them a very happy life together!
Click on the images to view them at their best!