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Monday, December 9, 2013

McKel and the Gang! Family Photography.

Mesquite, Nevada. Family Photography.
This was yet another fun shoot on a very {very} cold day. The temp was in the 30's which is very cold for us desert folk. This is supposed to be the land of the sun. This sweet little family braved the cold weather and put on their happy faces for the camera. They even included their cute little dog. We love Mckel because she is teaches dance to my three little girls. She is so fun and patient and makes dancing so much fun.
Family Photography

Family Photography

Michael and Branae

In an untypical fashion, I drove my three little ones to school. Normally they bike. I parked in the last row of the parking lot, ushered my children out of my mom vehicle, handed my youngest school going child his backpack when my oldest daughter noticed his lunch box was leaking. Cleaning up this spill allowed the school nurse enough time to track me down and ask me, "Is there any way at all that you could take my daughter's bridal pictures TODAY?" ....    .... ....
I guess her daughter's photographer had fallen through for whatever reason, which as you can imagine, was a stressing moment for all involved.

I called my wonderful friend, Ashley, who helps me on almost all my shoots and asked her if she had any plans. Luckily she was free and we pulled this little shoot together. I had Ashley second shoot for me for the first time ever and some of the images featured here are hers. She is a wonderful assistant AND a wonderful photographer. She has a very artistic eye.

It was such a memorable and fun event for us. Between a big, black cow blocking our path, to hydroplaning in the mud on the farm (in the mom vehicle) these two were a joy to work with!

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 above is the first look . . .all of a sudden Branae got shy.:)

Baby August- Newborn Photography

Mesquite, Nevada. Newborn photography.
This was a very sweet moment for me. After two years of trying to adopt, my friend and her husband were  finally selected to be the mother and father of this precious boy. I had seen him in pictures, but nothing could prepare me for how tiny he was in real life. I have four children of my own, but you forget how small a newborn baby actually is! This little child doesn't have a clue about how long his mommy and daddy waited for him! All he knows is that he is loved!!
Newborn Photography

Newborn photography

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

The Southwick's

These fine people took advantage of my 30 minute get- it- done- and-move -on- with- your- life- shoot! And it was a good thing too because it was soooo cold. We live in the desert so we aren't used to temps in the 40's or below! This family was so fun and so full sass! It was the first time they had all been together in more than a decade!