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What if the only way to view your parents wedding photos was on a floppy disc? USB drives are nice for now, but who knows when they will go the way of the floppy disc. Print today's moments so you can enjoy the memories for years and generations to come. It has been said that in "50 years, the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures." Don't let that be you. Ask about prints.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Fritter Family: Family Photography: Fullerton, CA

When I am lucky enough to visit my hometown AND squeeze in a photo shoot for the friends I grew up with right before my brother's wedding, you know it's going to be a good trip! Ther is just something special about friendships that can with stand the years. You know the kind,I am talking about. The ones where, even if yo haven't spoken for long periods of time, you just pick up where you left off. Yep, love this family. They are fabulous parent and their kids are so fun! P.S. Check out Kat's boot!!! Swoon!

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